PicoBlogger 3.16

Tool for editing and publishing weblogs from your cellphone

PicoBlogger is a compact, modular and flexible mobile blogging software designed to bring a complete and easy to use blogging experience to any camera phone. It makes it possible to post photos and videos to any blog publishing system with the least amount of clicks.

Do more than P2P MMS

Bring the power of publishing to your MMS phone.

Easy to use

PicoBlogger makes it easy and fast to update your blog.

Photo, video and audio support

Version 2.0 of PicoBlogger allows you to post video and audio to your favorite blog.

Share your experience

Capture and share you thoughts from your phone and post to any blog site.

Post to multiple accounts

Users of PicoBlogger can post to several accounts hosted on any site by any blog publishing systems.

Auto discovery of blog services

PicoBlogger makes it easy for users to discover new blog service. PicoBlogger connects with Pico Blog Web Services to discover new services.

Snap and publish

With PicoBlogger, mobile blogging has never been easier. You can now create and post in a matter of clicks. PicoBlogger also allows you to save your post for publishing at a later time.

Store media

PicoBlogger enables you to insert photos in your blog site even if your service provider doesn’t allow you to store images on their site.

For advanced users

Currently PicoBlogger supports any blog server with Atom API, Blogger API, metaWeblog API, MovableType API implementation.

Write, manage and edit your blog - all from your Nokia phone!

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PicoBlogger 3.16